so many words
remain unspoken,
so many desires
remain unexpressed,
so many prayers
remain unanswered,
only regret remains…
only tears and sorrow…
loss and agony;
of the “unachievable”…
only emptiness resides
inside hollow eyes
soul-less bodies
no beating heart, no breathing soul
only emptiness…
just this deep, dark, writhing chasm;
full of emptiness!
only anger remains
only rage burns
inside blackened hearts
only challenge beats
in every pulse, every beat
to take, to conquer, to win
against the destiny
but has anyone ever
won against fate?
against the life-force that makes
and that breaks?
against the eternal power, that gives?
no one, not ever.

Photo Credit: pedroalves44 Flickr via Compfight cc

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