Under These Stars

under these stars

life is hard

pervasive illusions

defeated demon delusions

reappear and sear

inferiority complex

as I flex

I resist

and desist

the temptation to return

hate with hate

emotions that suffocate

sometimes I feel

like I am still

nursing my bleeding heels

wrestling that f*ckin angel

loving the desert danger

while the devil

my devil

I mean plural

because there are several

await the outcome

a game of zero sum

vengeance is too easy

the blood would flow

too freely

redemption and retribution

vicious elocution

mutual electrocution

a sinner with

the fury of a saint

a life left to paint

no time to feign

Abel and Cain

trying not to succumb

to the pain


under these stars

life is hard

but with you

I rise above the scars

the warmth of your hand

under these covers

touches and hovers

with the desperate salve

that heals

with your miraculous

love that endures and seals


Photo Credit: europeanspaceagency Flickr via Compfight cc

  1. John Michael Antonio

    Thank you so much Dori. It is something a little different from me. I was listening to a lot of Hip Hop when I wrote it, if you cant’t tell lol 🙂
    x John

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