Vitamin D

I’m sitting on your porch
thinking about the cloud I could be stepping off of
but nevertheless still feel melted into

you’re over there
throwing something at a beehive
your parents told you not to touch

it’s beautiful out
the sun’s bright as hell
I don’t think I’ve gotten a good dosage of vitamin D in a while

so if you wouldn’t call me happy
you’d at least think I’m okay
just content though, for now

those bees are probably so pissed at you
probably plotting their revenge
it’s weird to think that we’re their problem
weird to think they have problems at all
I must admit, though, it almost makes me feel better
thinking about their ‘little bee’ problems, because ‘little me’ problems feel less heavy

two bees I guess flew from their hive
away from all the boiling buzzing in your direction
I watched them fly into a cloud just above your house

sad thing though, I imagine they were making sweet love
when they realized their little bee feet
were stuck in the melted material of the roof they landed on

now they’re romantically stuck forever
to each other’s butts on top of what they thought was the world
which now holds them to bask in sunshine that burned them slowly into infinity together

sad to see their little carcasses
in the light they thought they were escaping into
all because of you

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Kira Stevens

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