A woman is not a metaphor
for a punching bag.
A woman is not a metaphor
for prey or scapegoat or blame.
If fists have ever landed
on the same place as kisses,
or force has ever replaced camaraderie,
if “fun” has been had at her expense by overpowering or intimidation
where her dignity was compromised or her life was at risk;
then the “man” (and I use the term loosely)
has faulty, defective and treacherous programming
(Who or what has conditioned them so corruptly to allow any of this as acceptable
When man thinks of a woman, the word honor should come to mind.
If they think that a “womban” who opens hers to both receive and give life is less than worthy of being treated with this type of respect;
as a human, an equal, with the utmost dignity, they are indeed not men but predators.
They remain in moral and ethical darkness
Narcissist? Sociopath? Psychopath? Are these walking among us freely??
Beware and be aware.
If any man has this blight attached to his name, stains of guilt on his hands and rationalization on his mind for any of these actions, then he should never by any means or
condition whatsoever be left unsupervised with a woman
(and he should certainly not be worthy of bearing any titles of esteem).
Brutes and monsters need guarding, to be regarded with caution and should be labeled as

To the real gentlemen of  this world.
Thank you for keeping the respect of your gender alive.

And you O Beautiful woman- remember who you are.
Dignity, strength, splendor.


“https://www.pinterest.com/LorenzDuremdes/”by Lorenz Duremdes is licensed under CC PDM 1.0

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