You Are Star Stuff

Fatally and flawed, beautifully broken.
Every step you take, every thought you think is a miracle in itself.

Do you have any idea how miraculous it is that you are even here?
So many wish they could be where you are? Doing what you do?
Do you know how many people have come before you?
How many generations of you it has taken to get to who you are right now?

You have worked your whole life to be at just this moment.
You are star stuff, baby. Plain and simple.

Hurdling through space at a thousand miles an hour on our little planet we call earth.
Just that alone makes you a miracle, but you have so much more to do.
So many places to go, so many people to see.

Your journey has just begun, no matter how long it may seem to you.
You are just beginning.
Each day, one step closer to completing the task – completing you.

You are growing, learning and taking your first steps into the mystery we call life.
Grab hold, embrace it. Look around and really see who you are.
Your eyes, finally wide open to the possibilities of you.

You are a miracle.

You are star stuff.

You. Are. Love.

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SA Smith

SA Smith has always loved the magical life. She is the bestselling Amazon author of FOREVER, her four part young adult paranormal romance series. She is an advocate for women of all shapes and sizes. Believing that we are all enough just as we are, and needing to spread that word far and wide. Having been diagnosed with CRPS over 12 years ago, SA also uses her writing to increase social awareness of the disease. Writing is her passion. She often tells friends that writing is a journey for her. It’s like spending time with friends. "I just follow my characters along on their adventures, like a fly on the wall, and see where they take me." SA currently lives in Florida with her best friend/husband and their one son.


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