Feminine Collective publishes original stories from new, emerging and established writers and poets. These are unique human interest stories not found in mainstream media.

Humanity. Raw & Unfiltered.

Feminine Collective was created by Julie Anderson on August 13, 2013. Prior to Feminine Collective, Julie Anderson enjoyed a two-decade long career as a supermodel—where she has been the face of influential luxury brands and a cover girl on international editions of Vogue, Elle and Harper’s Bazaar. In addition to producing Feminine Collective, Julie continues to act, model and write for other publications/media.


Feminine Collective’s mission is to empower, educate and entertain by the publication of unique stories, poems, and prose on issues facing humanity in today’s world.

The Raw & Unfiltered Anthology VOL 1:

In 2015, Feminine Collective Media published the first anthology of selected works from writers on the magazine. The anthology included 99 essays, poems, and prose from 38 contributors.

“In the pages of this book you will hear your deeper voice and touch the raw places of yourself where angels fear to tread and as you read them watch out because you just might become fearless and unbound.”

―Agapi Stassinopoulos, Author, Unbinding the Heart: A Dose of Greek Wisdom, Generosity, and UnconditionalLove

“Getting to the core: the authentic, mindful, soul-baring, gut-wrenching and often tearful core is what Feminine Collective aims to achieve. The brutal honesty in RAW&UNFILTERED is a call to action for women everywhere to get real, speak up, put their shoulders back and demand to be loved–by themselves.

―Dominique Sachse, Evening news anchor, KPRC-TV Houston, YouTube vlogger

Love Notes From Humanity: The Lust, Love & Loss Collection:

In 2017, Feminine Collective Media published its second anthology of selected poems from the magazine. All proceeds go to The Life After Project, which provides support individuals who suffer from mental health issues.

Amazing collection of Universal thoughts on LOVE! And another section on LUST and another section on LOSS. Don’t they all go hand in hand. I love this collection of poems because the voices vary: men and women from near and far!

LOVED LOVED LOVED this collection of real, gritty, heartfelt poems. No airy-fairy poetry here. This anthology will thrill poetry lovers AND those who mistakenly believe they don’t enjoy poetry! This will change your minds and open your hearts!

Love this book – wonderful poetry by so many talented writers. Each page sucked me into different emotions through stories told with candour, and words chosen with heartfelt passion. A beautiful collection of poems about “lust, love & loss”

Feminine Collective Media:

In 2016, Feminine Collective became an indie publisher of selected books written by their authors and other writers.

Find out more about FC Publishing and submit your manuscript.

What People Are Saying About Us:

“When I need to tap into my feminine side, I run to FeminineCollective.com. It’s really smart.” — John Stamos, Actor and Musician

“The power of empathy embodies the storytelling on these pages. We find a home, a place of acknowledgment on how we feel, think, live.”―Rachel Hunter

 “The writers featured in Raw&Unfiltered have all told their stories with a fierce passion that transcends the pages of this book and will leave you thinking long after you have put it down. The essays and poems included are a diverse mix of life stories; some will have you laughing out loud, some are gut-wrenchingly painful to read, some will leave you blushing and a little heated, but all are the same in the fact that they are authentic and beautiful.”

“I remain a regular contributor over at Twisted Sister (a place for feminist horror and dark fantasy) and love the work in Feminine Collective – you are featuring some truly great pieces and voices. “

“This collection of musings, inspiration, frustration, and femininity is compelling. It begs the reader to empathize, not to agree but to feel and hear. To embrace the feminine experience rather than degrade it. A wonderful glimpse into some fascinating experiences. Bravo.”

“Phenomenal, raw and unfiltered is exactly what is delivered. Inspiring and talented writers delivering real life in a captivating point of view. Outstanding on many levels, one minute you could be laughing hysterically to crying with tears in relation. Wonderful collaboration of many talented individuals compiled into a fascinating book!! Five star all the way!!”

“It isn’t easy to tell some stories. The stories in this collection sing beautifully together as a chorus. Experiences brought together in one place to be read and felt. No two stories are the same and you get the sense you have made several friends and walked in their shoes for a brief moment. Let us all learn to respect ALL voices. I love this book. I love the Feminine Collective.”

“If you want raw, quality writing from unexpected vantage points and authentic voices, Feminine Collective does not disappoint.”

“Probably the most honest, fresh & tantalizing content I’ve read in a long while.”

“If you want raw, quality writing from unexpected vantage points and authentic voices, Feminine Collective does not disappoint.”

“Doing it in great style with just enough edge to make it feel like forbidden fruit.”

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