A Few Good Men

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Promises in the Dark

As OMD still sings about hopes and dreams and the ephemeral light of summer fades I know my love for you never will Oh baby those nights we...

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Are You Armed and Ready to Vote?

OK, in light of where we are at in this country right now, let me dispense with the niceties. If you are a woman in 2016 America, there are...

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In a picture that dates back to 89’, my mother holds me close, my brother as well. She cradles us on top of a bar stool, points at the...

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The Raw Journey: Rejection at Birth

What is this place?  It’s so dark in here. Where am I?  I can’t move. Am I trapped? I feel confined. I glanced around, swiftly trying...

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Damaged Goods

I am damaged goods. I am forever broken. I am beyond repair. That is my excuse. I have not known innocence. My parents were self-absorbed....

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Can I see California? (Once before I die)

I must see California before I die. This is not an option for myself. I would walk the 3000 miles upon nails and razors only to see the...

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Why Men Secretly Fear Women

naked before me your body and my fears as your touch delivers me to you unleashing an animal passion that engulfs and inspires the stirring...

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Immigrant song: A Frenchman’s Moody Pipe Dream

1976. I am 6 I have 2 mothers, 2 fathers, 3 sisters. Bernadette is my fairy godmother mom, my nanny during the day. She loves me like she...

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Naked Soul

When is the last time you were completely naked in front of someone?  I’m not talking about being naked for sex. I’m not...

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What Happened to Me at the Intersection Called Serendipity

There are 7.4 billion people living on this rock we call Earth. Sometimes we miss each other like ships floating through the harbor at...

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My Obituary (an ode to my parents)

Dear Mom and Dad, My requests are short and simple. I will not ask much of you. You can start by giving your 100% full undivided attention...

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Dreaming of an Independence Day for Her

Yes in the course of it another 4th of July approaches and I find myself working and dreaming furiously of an Independence Day for her Yes...

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I Saw Myself Naked Today

I saw myself naked today. Like most people, I typically take a quick glance at myself in the mirror after my morning shower—with a...

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There You Are

there you are still standing defiant and victorious after the firefights as beautiful as ever resilient and glorious precious wrinkles and...

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I know how you resent smoking, but what if I was to tell to you that my love for you was eternal, and as I said this, I took a long drag...

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Ciao Bella

Lili waited for a smile of approval from her mother before she inched closer to the end of the diving board. Maman smiled, waved, and...

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Dance Like You Matter

I sit and wait in a coffee shop. My notepad perfectly prepared for a meeting that I’ve arranged. A meeting to discuss a film project...

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Mom Says: Catechism or Soccer, You Pick

I was around nine-years-old when I dealt with my first major existential crisis. It wasn’t about the grief of losing all my marbles...

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Girly Feet

If you really want to insult me, the worst thing you could possibly do is compliment my bare feet. In fact, I would rather you point, laugh...

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Bipolar-speak: Being Neuro-Normal Sucks

I have experienced mood swings for over 25 years, rapid cycling from mild depression to 3-5 episodes of humanly manageable mania/hypomania....

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I am a Counterfeit Memory Hero

As I turned on the light and maneuvered my way into the closet, I made full use of my Tetris skills. I shuffled past boxes of record...

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A Blurry Image of Love, Lust and the Teenage Mind

Love, lust and the teenage mind. Yep, I was a hot mess back in high school. I remember it vividly. Although I considered myself a goober, I...

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Potter’s Field

(for my sisters) Standing here in the glistening grass a new morning is breaking over this potter’s field* Thoughts and words flutter...

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I Call My Daughters Pretty ALL the Time

I have two little girls, and I tell them they’re pretty all the time. I’m their daddy, and I think they really want me to see them as...

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“Hey Dude, Your Junk Looks Dangerous!”

I hate using the public restroom at the airport. Whether it’s the urinal or the stall, no amount of hand-washing is enough to...

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Why I am Afraid to Call Myself a Feminist

I’m a feminist, but I’m growing shy about saying that. I have a lot of friends who are survivors of abuse and sexual trauma. I...

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