Bleeding Ink with Jacqueline Cioffa

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Time Fanciful

I’ve always been one to worry about tomorrow. Obsess perhaps is a better word. Will I be safe, loved, have a roof over my head? Will the...

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Ted is Not Dead

Excerpt from the book “Evergreen” Ted had kind eyes, celeste blue, clear, honest and true. The kind of eyes that really look at...

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Virgin Ties

Excerpt from Jacqui Cioffa’s book  The Vast Landscape High School sucks ass. The boys are rotten, girls stupid cows. Harrison...

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Blues Bayou

Open your heart, and let it slide. The giving keys swing to and fro in the late eve, and the brisk frost feels just like an old, clapboard...

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Bye, Bye Birdy 2008 – 2016

Am I always to be at the mercy of the light? Shining too bright, too loud on a quiet, solemn Sunday afternoon Will the foul mood take off...

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Hanging with Deepak ~ in Pursuit of JOY and your very Best Self

I believe true beauty starts from within, works its way out and is an ever-evolving process. I have worked very hard on my body and mind,...

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Lithium, My Toxic Love Affair

***DISCLAIMER: The author of this piece is NOT encouraging ANYONE to go off of their prescribed psychiatric medicine. This is her story,...

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Smiling Away the Dark Prana

‘Dark Prana represents all of our habits and thoughts we have developed throughout our lifetime and it is always running in the...

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Homeless: Tongue and Groove

I am the crazed lady, barefoot and blistered. The annoying pebbles and gritty gravel burrow deep inside the open crevices and souls of my...

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Mother, May I

Your love is tearing me apart. Wide open flood gushes of white, transparent bubble adoration overflowing magnificent from beyond the ether....

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Pattern Interrupt

I’ve been thinking a lot about the word Humanity since I penned a piece with the bold title. So, I looked it up. Not on the fancy,...

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© Rodion Kutsaev

Do Over Dances and New Old Beginnings

She walks the same streets day after day, night after night, summer raspberry swirl sunset evenings, winter icicle frost bright and...

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© Åse Bjøntegård Oftedal

Seven Shades of Sick

Now pay attention. The next sentence will be the most important words I write. I have loved being alive. I’d like you to pause and...

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© Martin Vorel

Sweet Child of Mine

My darling child, how would you like to be? The paper is yet a seed and not even a tree that has not been born. It’s starstuff swirling...

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You’re Skinny You Don’t Have Problems

The delusions that make up a life. How did we get here in the first place? How do we go from being children, filled with joyous reckless...

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House of Mirrors: A Personal Journey of Self

I’ve always had a specific need for my home to be clean and neat. I’ve always searched for a sense of order amongst my things. I’ve...

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