Two Tall Women in NYC

Losing my identity was not in our plan. Mary and I came to the big city to celebrate finishing our books—my psychological thriller and her memoir of love and loss in Zimbabwe. Starving on San Diego’s thin cultural gruel, our reward was to be a week of feasting on New York’s finest art, theater, and […]

About Sheila A. Sharpe

Sheila A. Sharpe is a psychologist, writer, and teacher from Del Mar, CA. Her previous work in in painting and film criticism (MFA from UCSD) has provided important background for her fiction and non-fiction writing. Her publications include a professional book, "The Ways We Love," and several peer-reviewed articles on love and family relationships. She has recently completed her first novel, Locked in a Box, a psychological thriller.

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I do not know if I should cut my hair. It is very long. Some people call it obscenely long. It’s the color of wheat, and very often air dried so that it falls in irregular waves down to just above my thighs. When I brush it, the brush seems miniature and gets very heavy […]

About Jordan Hagedon

Jordan Hagedon is a fiction writer from Michigan, USA. She has stories in Flash Fiction Magazine and in an anthology by Stringybark Stories. Jordan is interested in the history of houses, old growth forests, and literature.

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“Don’t stare at me like that!” I had cried out in a fury, but Duak kept her gaze locked on me. Looking at her blood red lips. Burdened, I repeated gently, “Don’t stare at me like that. They’re going to figure it out…” My face was blushed; my heart was foaming up, flowing from my […]

About Ozge Gozturk

I am a London based published author, multi-award winner scriptwriter, and journalist at KaosGL (An LGBTQ community magazine) I'm also judging New York Screenplay Awards and the founder of The London Independent Story Prize. Rebecca is one of my short stories. It's about a woman in pain. Many of my characters genders are liquid, they don't questions or struggle with it either. Rebecca is one of them. This is a scene I wrote while working on emotional architecture in my stories. It was inspired by a statue and a painting. I hope you'll enjoy reading.

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She finds her resolve upstairs, in a built-in cupboard in her bedroom, a cool black nook between eaves. She empties the house of herself, in a way – she can’t see anything, and in the wood, a sacredness and functionality must aid the process of unadulterated, unfleshed thought. Having strewn her uniform on her bedroom […]

About Georgina Dorothy Evans

Georgina Dorothy Evans is an Australian/Canadian. After studying Fine Art in London UK, she completed a writing mentorship at University of Toronto with Eulogy author Ken Murray. Coming from a family of four females, she now lives in Toronto, Ontario with her husband and son.

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True Murders

When Lin had imagined a murderer’s mistress, she had pictured leopard print and spandex, glittering baubles and high heels. She would never have pictured Eliza Hanson as she was now: kitted out in a soft pink cardigan, a puffy matching headband holding back her sleek, graying bob, serving drinks with almost hostess-y air. She was […]

About Brenna Ehrlich

Brenna Ehrlich is the director of content and culture (indie and rock) at TIDAL. She's also the author of PLACID GIRL and STUFF HIPSTERS HATE, and has had short stories published in Moonchild Magazine, Cease, Cows, Vol. 1 Brooklyn, Anon magazine, Impose magazine, Beyond Books and the Ginger Collective. Her other writing credits include a weekly column on Internet etiquette for CNN and articles for Rolling Stone, Bandcamp, Mashable, Heeb magazine, Broadly, Brooklyn Magazine and Nylon.

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Sweet Nothings of a Foreign Exchange

She picks up her bag and walks away from the café by the port where Kevin is lost in a four-hundred-page philosophical tome. Elena does not look back. She knows not to disturb him and that she has a few hours to clear her head from his scolding glances and indifferent responses. She can feel […]

About Effie Pasagiannis

Effie Pasagiannis is a first-generation Greek-American lawyer, writer and curator based in NYC. Her poetry has appeared in the Write Launch, Snapdragon Journal, the Platform Review and Pen + Brush's inaugural print publication "In Print." Effie has appeared as a featured poet at the Bowery Poetry Club, Arlo Hotels and the Assemblage. She is currently working on a collection of short stories with female protagonists at a crossroads of choice with life-altering consequences. As a curator, Effie organizes and hosts literary and art salons, where writers and artists collaborate and showcase their work in soul-nourishing spaces. She is an avid proponent of economic, educational, criminal justice, immigration and environmental reform, and often incorporates these causes and themes into her work.

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I watched the sky fade from a pretty pink color to dark. I sat in my room dreading the night, as I always did. The front door opened and all I heard was the sound of heavy boots walking in the house. I sighed and left my room. I opened the door and found my […]

About Hannah Poynor

I am a college student who enjoys writing short stories.

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(inspired by Maggie B. who was there~) Woodstock was both a peaceful protest and a global celebration –Richie Havens   Everybody’s naked. This cat resembling Jim Morrison asks me to fool around. His curly, brown hair streams over one side of his face like a slice of art. He passes me a joint the size […]

About Kim Sisto Robinson

Kim Sisto Robinson is a mother, lover, poet, writer, educator, obsessive blogger, lover of cats, cheese puffs, chocolate chips cookies, Sylvia Plath, addicted to books, women’s stories, walking with audio books ( Lolita was off the charts!), and powerful, transformative words. Her work has appeared in Scary Mommy, Bella On Line, Glass Woman, Migrations, Rebelle Society, and Feminine Collective. She created her blog, My Inner Chick, to honor her sister, Kay, whom was murdered by her estranged husband in 2010. Her mission is to give “Voice” to all women without one. She was honored the "Men As Peacemaker's Award" in 2015 for her work with domestic violence.

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