I almost canceled the coffee date
A meeting between old friends
Filled with laughter and a few silences
About what could have been, instead
I almost touched his hand,
Walking through the door
Café patrons never glanced at us
Both with hands, now glinted gold
Instead –
Time swept past, decades, even
To a child’s summer rose
Innocence, for both of us
Each too shy to kiss
Fondness, and affection
Almost blooming into love
Each the other’s friend
Instead time – and love
Took other paths
Until we met again
Laughing, we roamed a bookstore
Nearly bumping the other’s hand
I almost bought a book
And encouraged him to get something

For himself, instead

Together we stood close
While I found my favorite choice
And, by flipping through pages
Selected passages that
I knew he would enjoy
I almost found a love story,
A tangled thread, time dropped off
It was supposed to be a coffee date
But could be so much more
              A story of two young children
              Each too shy to kiss
I almost hugged as we stood together
Saying our long goodbyes
Snippets of conversation,
— now, cut short
But got into my car alone, instead.

Photo Credit: David Nitzsche Flickr via Compfight cc

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  1. Carly, I love this so much. I have a past love…unresolved, you wrote exactly how it is with us—choosing different paths…and wondering. Deep sigh! —D.

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