3 Ways to Develop Your Intuition Skills

Intuition sure is helpful (when we listen). Ever lamented that you SHOULD have listened to yourself? Or wished that your intuition was stronger?

One of the best ways to enhance your intuition is to record it. Write down all the intuitive messages you receive. Then try to act on them. I’ll give you just one example. I could fill pages with examples of intuition being useful, but I think you’ll get the idea quickly. The thought “bring extra towels” ran through my head one Saturday morning. That was it. It was nothing dramatic, no reasoning, and no urgency. When I get these messages I often say, “Okay.” I must admit I can have an attitude about it at times, like a six-year-old being told to brush her teeth. Doesn’t seem to matter to “that voice” if I have a good attitude or not.

My daughter and I were heading to a splash pad in the center of our little town. It’s a tourist spot, and you’ll often see kids in full clothing or stripped down to their shorts or diapers running through it and getting soaked. Their parents obviously aren’t prepared, but the allure of the splash pad wins over preparedness. When we arrived that morning there was a French family there, and the two children were already soaked through. My daughter, in her bathing suit, joined them, and they were soon joking and laughing together as fast friends. Well you guessed it. I offered the mom the extra towels I had. She was very grateful. She explained that they had no extra clothes or towels with them, and their hotel wasn’t close by. They were happy, and I was happy. Helping is my all time favorite thing. (I chose to be a counselor for goodness sake.)

I’m sure you’ve heard this before, but may I suggest a little tool that will help you enhance your intuition and boost your confidence in your intuitive abilities.

Exercise: Record Intuition

1. Keep a journal or set of notecards handy whenever possible.
2. Write down anything you think may be your intuition speaking to you. Leave room to add any comments.
3. Look over the list periodically and comment on any outcomes.

Much Love! Susan

About Susan Miner

Susan Miner, M.A. went from posing and ‘giving face’ as a model to teaching and serving as a Psychology professor and counselor. Currently, as President and Founder of Beauty From the Inside Out, Susan is an Inspirational Leader and Mentor. As a keynote speaker, workshop presenter, author and counselor, Susan is committed to helping individuals with beauty from the inside out. Her unique approach combines energy healing and traditional psychological techniques that leave her clients feeling more relaxed and focused even after only a few minutes of work. She is known for her successful treatment for anxiety. Susan is blessed with her 6-year old daughter, Charlee Rose.

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