Are you living or existing?

Most of us are familiar with the quote:

“ Life and death is in the power of the tongue.”

However, do you truly understand the amount of energy your thoughts and actions hold? After suffering from severe childhood trauma, manic depression and low (really no) self-esteem a close friend referred me to a life coach. She has taught me one of the most important principles in seeking love, healing, joy and spiritual freedom.

Allow me to give you some creative strategies to help you tap into that negative cloud of emotion and rain down positive manifestations in your life. What am I talking about? Manifestations are results or the products we create in the physical world from our psyche. The “psyche” is defined as the spirit, mind, body or “the soul.”

Every day we download numerous doubtful thoughts into our mental databases.

Normal Negative Thoughts:

I hope things get better, but they never actually do

Life will never let me be happy too long

Love will never be true to me and stay

I will never succeed in life

I will always be broke and never have enough

When we allow fear to control our lives it creates so much sadness, anger and despair we lose confidence. We lose faith in ourselves to change our situations for the better. FYI once your confidence is gone you can forget it!!! You can do all the hoping, wishing and praying you like, but if you are not willing to seek and use the tools within you will always remain stagnant and stay on a downward spiral. Face your challenges in a different way. Be realistic and make a list of your top five concerns.

Normal Life Concerns:


Relationships/ Spouse


Self –Love


Let’s break down everyone’s biggest concern … MONEY.

You have to work or own a business to make an honest living. There is no way around this unless you want to check yourself into a mental asylum and say you just can’t take life. The cycle of the paycheck can be a stressful and depressing reality in life. You go to work with people you dislike after dealing with stress from home. This check barely covers your needs/bills, but you have to be on time, respectful and take B.S. from coworkers and supervisors.

After that, you go home to domestic issues and deal with drama you can’t escape. Will this ever end? NO. This is the inevitable cycle of “making a living” and dealing with your family. Here are some self-assessment questions to help evaluate each issue in order to push forward into peace:

Are you happy with yourself?

This the most crucial question of all. If you are overly critical of yourself, still bound by past or present emotional trauma you are your biggest problem. Also, if you give yourself a good emotional/psychological beating every day that doesn’t exactly help either. By doing this, you set yourself up for failure and then wonder why you aren’t succeeding. You have to dig into the root of why you are lacking self-love and self-esteem. This process can be painful so allow yourself some time to go back and remember the first time you felt unworthy. Look beyond all the issues in your life and take a step back to examine YOU. In order to be happy in life, you must find a way to love yourself unconditionally.

Are there a few things you can do to improve your finances?

If not, I’ve been there you know what you make and exactly how far it won’t go. Try to find something you are good at or a small odd job for extra money. Start with a small goal of $50-$100 extra per week. Make a plan to save those earnings toward a savings account. On the other hand, if you are going out all the time, buying new shoes/handbags when you really don’t need them you are your own enemy. Make a list of extras you enjoy and determine what areas you can cut back on to maximize cash flow. Don’t cheat yourself. We work to enjoy some of the things we want. If you go out 4 times a month try 3. If you go to the salon often try a style that will last longer. Find innovative ways to save money and build your finances.

Does your job really suck that bad? Ok and if that is true I’m sure your attitude does as well.

Listen, if you have a job you are doing better than the large unemployed percentage of the world. Be grateful and take the personal out of it. Wake up every day and remember this __ hour shift is giving me a foundation to build my dreams and success. I make a choice to let __ hours a day and__ days per week affect my entire life. If you are allowed to have pictures or quotes hang them up on your cubicle or locker. Make sure they remind you of the goals you are there to achieve. Inspiration can do more for us when we constantly condition ourselves to expect greatness. The universe hears and sees this and allows blessings to rain down on our burdens. In moments like these; character and faith are strengthened. If you have to take 5-10 minutes before or after work to sit in your car and collect your thoughts do it. I suggest doing the same thing before you walk in your home. Sit in the driveway for 5-10 minutes and gather your emotions before you get out the car with that same negative energy. You have to be mentally and physically ready to tackle and overcome your obstacles so why not give your vessel a fighting chance to win every day? Expect positive things to happen especially if bad things seem to come out of nowhere. These are the times the universe stirs up our lives in order to create the path we are destined to travel. Remember you have the power to start your day off in the right direction. Think of all the things we forget to say we are grateful for. What about the times we could’ve wrecked out on the highway in a hurry or hit a person while texting. How many months/years have you worked that job with those same annoying people and kept your sanity? Focus on the positives we take for granted every day to welcome joy into your life.

Are you being positive?

This is the main key to living versus just existing. You must focus on the positive and not let the misery of others and the downfalls of life distract you from your purpose every day. Your purpose should be to seek out what you can do or what you are not doing to live up to your fullest potential. Create a plan of action and begin to manifest progress and peace into your reality. I know this sounds too simple to work but, just think about how negative thoughts and actions have hindered you on your path so far. A pair of lips can say anything but, what are you doing and thinking of in that great mind to improve your situation? How many goals and dreams did you give up on because you buried those unused gifts inside? Who have you been trying to make so happy you have forgotten about your own happiness? Put your emotional well-being first and find your joy. Take charge of your emotions and reactions in order to blindside negativity. Take back dominion over your life and vow to roll with the tide instead of panicking and being washed down stream.

You have the power to manifest your dreams.

Will you believe and trust your higher self to elevate you to the next level?  It’s up to you! You can either be another body just walking and breathing or find the true reason you were put here and be happy.

Sometimes we need someone to remind us of how unique and powerful we are. Why not look in the mirror and boost yourself up before you start the day! Start living and not just existing. Trust me it just feels so much better to be aware in the pursuit of your destiny.

Manifest those dreams!

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Jennifer Lauren Adams

Jennifer Lauren Adams is an aspiring 26-year-old creative writer from Dallas, TX. She strives to promote healing and enlightenment by sharing her gift of writing with the world. Look for more projects from this southern belle in the next few months!. Inspirational articles, poetry, thoughts of the day and e-books will be available online for purchase Fall 2016!

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