Art Of Silence

No more wasted breath
I’ve killed you with my silence
in a way words could never do
I am beyond sullen – that’s for amateurs
I died too can’t you see?
No, you never did care to see my true self
I was carnage for another cannibal

The postman may always ring twice for Lana Turner
but not for me
no more
in that sacred space created
a beauty of mind
still roaming an inner earth
climbing every mountain
nesting in crusts of kaleidoscoped clouds

I am all the trees
I will cut myself down and create the paper to write a new language
foreign even to me at first

I will fold myself into an airplane
flying in gusts of story cocooned in story
sheet music for angels to hum to as they sip their Celestial Seasonings tea
until millions of butterflies emerge
a new forever song
in a new world of love

Photo Credit: H o l l y. Flickr via Compfight cc


Marie Scampini

Marie Scampini is a published poet, playwright, short story writer, currently working on a poetry collection and project - 1775 Poems in 1775 Days, to save her life every day, on a page, and in this world; fighting for justice, safety, and equality for all, one person at a time.

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  1. Susan P. Blevins

    Oooh Marie, I love your language and your imagery, and your delicate tongue in cheek and so fast moving! No time to waste! Time for us to create this beautiful new paradigm. Beautiful poem. Thank you. Loved your positive creative attitude. xo Susan

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