A Confession of Madness and a Glass of Bordeaux

Fingers are monsters, hands are storms, they clench and shipwrecks bubble from knuckles and children are turned into orphans and little birdies are tortured, wings go wrong, and sun goes moon and dark slams into light and someone somewhere gives up the fight too many pills, too many potions, too many thrills, but too much […]

About Justin Karcher

Justin Karcher is a Pushcart-nominated poet and playwright born and raised in Buffalo, New York. He is the author of Tailgating at the Gates of Hell (Ghost City Press, 2015), the chapbook When Severed Ears Sing You Songs (CWP Collective Press, 2017), the micro-chapbook Just Because You've Been Hospitalized for Depression Doesn't Mean You're Kanye West (Ghost City Press, 2017), Those Who Favor Fire, Those Who Pray to Fire (EMP, 2018) with Ben Brindise, and Bernie Sanders Broke My Heart and I Turned into an Iceberg (Ghost City Press, 2018). He is also the editor of Ghost City Review and co-editor of the anthology My Next Heart: New Buffalo Poetry (BlazeVOX [books], 2017). He tweets @Justin_Karcher.

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