All Time is Now

I danced with the wind last night watched bits of gold in the sky saw the leaves reflect purple in the pond sat in a tree and screeched with the owls watched slumbering children grimace as visions of ogres beset their dreams felt the bulbs beneath the earth struggle to rise break through the earth […]

About Andrea Quigley

*This is my first publication in an on-line journal. I started writing poetry in high school to ward off the weltschmerz of adolescence. As my writing continued, I developed literature courses, marketing plans, journals and workshops during my professional career, editing hundreds of essays and creative writing along the way. My love of poetry led me to study at The Skidmore Writing Institute, The Universty of Massachusetts Joiner Center, and The Cape Cod Writers Center. I have been published in 3 anthologies, as well as local newspapers and I have given readings in New York, Cambridge, Massachusetts, Cape Cod as well as Martha’s Vineyard, where I currently live. I am an active member of the Cleaveland House Poets, The Poets Collaborative, and The Poetry Society - all on Martha’s Vineyard.

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