Sweet Nothings of a Foreign Exchange

She picks up her bag and walks away from the café by the port where Kevin is lost in a four-hundred-page philosophical tome. Elena does not look back. She knows not to disturb him and that she has a few hours to clear her head from his scolding glances and indifferent responses. She can feel […]

About Effie Pasagiannis

Effie Pasagiannis is a first-generation Greek-American lawyer, writer and curator based in NYC. Her poetry has appeared in the Write Launch, Snapdragon Journal, the Platform Review and Pen + Brush's inaugural print publication "In Print." Effie has appeared as a featured poet at the Bowery Poetry Club, Arlo Hotels and the Assemblage. She is currently working on a collection of short stories with female protagonists at a crossroads of choice with life-altering consequences. As a curator, Effie organizes and hosts literary and art salons, where writers and artists collaborate and showcase their work in soul-nourishing spaces. She is an avid proponent of economic, educational, criminal justice, immigration and environmental reform, and often incorporates these causes and themes into her work.

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