Scar Tissue

I cringe every time Dad touches her. He compulsively straightens the Blue Jays pin my brother attached to her favorite blouse, the yellow one I bought her in the States last summer. He rearranges her crossed hands, over then under, then back over again. Her fingers are chalky and stiff and I imagine them cracking […]

About Cate Carlyle

Cate Carlyle is the author of the book "Your Passport to International Librarianship"(with Dee Win, ALA 2018) a guide for professionals interested in volunteering internationally. A former elementary school teacher-librarian, Cate currently manages the curriculum centre library at a small Atlantic university and has also worked in public libraries, volunteered in and researched libraries in Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico and Nicaragua and written articles and conference presentations on international volunteerism. Cate is a lifelong Alice Munro fan and has a mild obsession with writing short stories, with the boxes of stories to prove it! Cate lives in Prospect Nova Scotia with her partner and supportive first-reader, Bruce.

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