That Which is Built Upon a Rock

Waves crash across the extinct terrain,
the flair of dancing fish absent.
Colors of the land only hard and grey.
Twilight fog drapes a curtain over
tonight’s scene,
viewed by no one. 

Never was a soul borne on this place. 
Yet on this monotonous night,
in the nineteenth century …
Miniscule stars,
tiny spotlights,
that bring colonists …
Actors looking for land,
deceptive to the natives they encounter. 
But upon arrival, they
dismiss the place.
It is protected by its
infertility and impossibility.
As their boat skirts the coast,
they mark a dot on their map,
and move on. 
It is western Perseverance indeed, to move past what is dead and useless

Photo Credit: sabarber via Compfight cc

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