Emotional Health

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Drano Love

If only you could drown the heart in Drano, unclogging the feelings stuck in your chest. Feelings that will never find words effective...

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White Picket Fence

Material possessions are worth nothing. It is love and family that counts for everything. Before the after, I tried to have it all. Long...

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Pebbles in Water: Self-Awareness and You

Spoiler Alert, I people watch. Partly because I don’t like to engage in idle chatter with near strangers to pass the time and partly...

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The Monkey’s Fist

Mr. Tyre yawned and shuffled stark white paperwork around on his desk. Fluorescent lights beamed over his healthy gray hair. Angela yawned...

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The Dark Side of Modeling: Sex, BDD, and Self-Destruction

The director of my agency…was in his…mid-fifties, and I was in my early twenties. It was very clear that if I slept with him…I would...

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This entry is part 4 of 4 in the series: Mistress Desire and the Lonely Flame Emotions methylated, Her dreams syncopated. Quietened by the...

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Last Night I Dreamt Somebody Loved me

This story is old, but it goes on. Last night she dreamt somebody loved her, The walls she built came tumbling down, One by one Her chains...

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Screwdriver *trigger warning*

Her glass is slick with condensation or sweat. It’s not hot in here. Why am I sweating? The contents of the short cup are a muted orange....

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Camera Cracks

She wants to turn on the camera. Needs to turn on the camera. Must not turn on the camera. But feels compelled to hide behind her mask of...

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I stand there, crazy. No space ships waiting or begging me to clean up dust. Stars away stare into me like fire, encroaching. Single files...

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Of Flowers and Thorns

My friend is like a hummingbird, flapping her wings eighty times per second. Her voice goes up an octave when she talks about him and her...

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The Messenger

Brian Gardner parked the BMW in the empty lot. He had never come to the park this late to run but Professor Davis insisted on seeing him...

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Pink Dreams

Golden mist in silver light. Known certainties fall, to make room for unknown thoughts, that shake my skin. His heaven eyes intoxicate my...

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Overrun By Assholes

What do you do when you’re a nice person and you are attacked by an asshole? I think most of us are nice by nature. We are willing to put...

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Good Enough Mother

Advice to back off Advice to do more Be a good enough mother Not too good Don’t overdo it Don’t make him dependent on you He will never...

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I Promise

How do I tell you that you are beautiful? How do I tell you that it’s not your fault? That when I left your house I was plenty strong...

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If I Could

If I could draw a blade across my wrist to show you that my veins clog with the sludge of ugliness, you would never again ask me, “Why...

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The Voice Within

When I can listen to the voice inside of me, I will be free. I have allowed myself to become shackled by the expectations of others. I have...

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Are PTSD Survivors Weak? Here is What My Mom Thinks

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is anything but a weakness. It is our strength. It means that we kept going. About six of every ten adults...

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Black Sheep

Call me the black sheep, the could be the wanted to be but never was. Name me the backdrop, the shadow, the breakthrough that never did. I...

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The Apology I never thought I would receive from the Kindergarten Bully

It was kindergarten. I was in my colorful floral dress that flowed over my bright magenta leggings. I wore white socks that had lace on the...

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Pet Friendly

I am not a patient person and yet, somehow I find the patience, for her. Maybe it’s because she needs no words to show me what she wants,...

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Enormous Silence

Silence sails on an enormous ocean floor, crashing frothy waves like an invisible ember burning to keep you warm. Oblong rays inside a bell...

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Corner Life

A junkie coworker of mine steals cars and drives them to drug clinics to score his methadone fix. He’s always on time because no one...

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Human Deck

Our deck is the human deck we are dealt, and when we project fantasies and assumptions of transcendent perfection by comparing our lives to...

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Even With Mental Health Services, Sometimes Suicide Prevention is Impossible

Suicide Prevention Day was September 10. That day, my Facebook feed was emblazoned with posts about mental health, about suicide hotlines,...

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