I stand there, crazy.
No space ships waiting
or begging me
to clean up dust.
Stars away
stare into me
like fire, encroaching.
Single files blocking
any desire left in me.
Carefree and free
was bound to be a slave.
A worker in a field
had a plate-gruel
and a starving stomach.
I am filled to the brim.
Socialism structured me
to advance into science like
a blind doctor in a surgery.
Now I’m gazing into a sky
with nothing to fathom,
no aliens,
no friends and
no time to lament.

Photo Credit: H o l l y. Flickr via Compfight cc

Paakhi Bhatnagar

Paakhi Bhatnagar is a student from India and an avid reader of historical fiction. She is a passionate feminist and blogs about current politics and feminist issues. She also possess the uncanny ability of turning everything into a debate.

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