Ghostly Streets

You stand still not knowing what to do.
Waiting waiting waiting waiting
For some type of sign,
some Bat signal in the sky.
Telling you to take a leap of faith through ghostly streets.

Your shadow tries to beckon,
get you to move an inch.
But you just keep looking at the stars,
Trying to calculate a sign.

As your head is looking upwards,
Eyelashes are falling,
wasted wishes in the global warming of your life.

Just turn around
Please turn around
For the love of god turn around.

Your heart is pumping, your head is stuck
Your neck is wired to false ideas
If you turn around you will see mountains
mountains of the bones of what you could have done.

Wasted dreams, wasted chances,
piling up to useless wishes in the sky.

Photo Credit: frank_hb Flickr via Compfight cc


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