I Dreamed of You Last Night

You found your way
into my dreams again
You are never unwanted
You are such
a welcomed change
from nightmares
that haunt me
over and over again
of my past husband
leaving me
in various creative ways.

Of all places to be
we were in Reno
somewhere we both once were
for a few night’s gig
of yours at Harrahs
The airport was as small
as our motel room
such a long time ago
Cold and snowy
I watched you play
every night.

We were older in my dream
an age we have never
been together
You were Hollywood hot
in chinos and tinted sunglasses
Nice haircut, babe

I sat on a couch in
another room
as you talked business
with old friends of mine
placed in the dream
by Central Casting
You were a screenwriter
one truth
You were with my friend Nina
one lie.

You came to me in the dark
and asked if I wanted to
work with you
It was surrealistically bizarre
I answered I was sleepy
and asked you to take me home.

Home was your hotel suite
You tucked me into a bed
with a hideous orange bedspread
I dream in Seroquel technicolor
Before I fell asleep I noticed
there was another bed
but hoped you would
sleep with me.

And as my eyes closed
I asked you to bring
my dog to me
And then I woke
not sure if I got
my dog
or you.

Photo Credit: Israel Orlandi Flickr via Compfight cc

Dori Owen

Dori Owen is a storyteller, writing from small town Arizona, after living a few decades in California as an LA Wild Child, with a brief stop in Reno. She settled into grownup life as a project manager, collecting an MBA and a few husbands along the way. She is a shown artist and her favorite pastime is upcycling old furniture and decor she finds from thrift stores. She lives with the cat who came to visit but stayed. The love of her life is her grown son who lives in Portland, Oregon. Her essays and poems have been published in RAW&UNFILTERED VOL I, StigmaFighters Vol 2, and Love Notes From Humanity. Her blogs have been featured on The Lithium Chronicles, Open Thought Vortex, Sudden Denouement, and The Mighty.

6 thoughts on “I Dreamed of You Last Night

  1. Susan P. BlevinsSusan P. Blevins Reply

    I really got the dream quality of this poem Dori. Well put together and sequenced. I love the ending, and kinda hope you ended up with your beloved dog! Animals are so reliable!!

    1. doriowendoriowen Reply

      So nice to see you here, Ms. Blevins! Thank you for the nice comments. I wrote this literally as I woke up, the dream was so lovely, yet bizarre, and I DID wake up with my dog….. xoD.

  2. Jacqueline CioffaJacqueline Cioffa Reply

    “We were older in my dream
    an age we have never
    been together
    You were Hollywood hot
    in chinos and tinted sunglasses
    Nice haircut, babe”

    You had me at hello. Beautiful poetry, and lost love. Sigh.

  3. Dori OwenDori Owen Reply

    Coming from you, oh Poet Godess, this means the world to me. We do know this is the continuing saga of Bad Things, yes? Is it possible to will a person through dreams back into your life? Asking for a friend….love you. xoD.

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