If this Temporary Life

if this temporary life
I call my own
requires a realization
that it could end
at any moment
if it means
nothing more
than a breaking of the
circular hate and
searing dysfunction
I was born into
if it means helping
my fellow human beings
who are oppressed
become free
if it means being a solace
and a bridge
for my children
over the canyons of their
inevitable heartbreaks
if it means having
the woman I married
see my love for her
in my eyes
then let the warmth
of the summer rays
fade from my face
let the red, yellow and orange
hued leaves whirl up
and fly away
let my breaths that hover
in the chilled air
dissipate into eternity
and let the annual
rebirth of existence
that so enraptures
forever disappear for me
because I have
fulfilled my purpose
here on this earth


Photo Credit: Sam-H-A Flickr via Compfight cc

  1. So beautiful, in both content and form. Only someone with a beautiful soul could have written this. Thank you John.

  2. Ahhhhh…..so beautiful.
    “if it means having
    the woman I married
    see my love for her
    in my eyes…”
    John John John I never tire of your poetic words.

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