My Addiction

You are my addiction,
so sweet and tempting,
like the aroma of my favorite meal,
that I cannot resist, or taste.

My path to self-destruction.
Like an alcoholic doomed to die,
yet, he continues on drinking,
knowing that it’s death in itself.

My very personal alluring hell,
that I cannot stop, but to burn in.
Knowing that I’ll be devastated.
Knowing that it’s hell,
however pleasant.

My sweetest nightmare,
that I dread,
yet marvel at.
That I cannot stop hoping to see,
Day after day…

With an increasing passion, that burns me.
Inside and out…

My own drug that kills me.
Oh! So sweetly,

But intoxicates me into oblivion,
relieving me of the pain,
though temporarily.
Ensuring that I do not part with it.

I Am Your Addict.
And you are,
My addiction.

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