On Being Starstruck

So you want to be a poet
you think you can
punch in and out

So you want to be famous
wear Gucci and parade
across catwalks
with a book of poetry
in one hand
list of writers
you have never read
in another.
So you want to be beautiful
by hiding your armor
revealing your shiny teeth
to take a bite out of manuscripts
you wish you wrote.
It’s a shame
you were praised to be
a star
all your lights lead to
blank paper
and you stare.
You stare at it
in awe of what paper
can turn into
so you make an airplane
fly to Chicago
speak up against
others’ violence
only you never saw a real plane
you never had a mother or a father
they were addicts
they never cracked open
your soul.
No one knew.
Hush now.
Be content. Ignorance is bliss.
Smile for the camera
You are famous now
for being someone else.

Photo Credit: Luiz Fernando Reis MMF Flickr via Compfight cc

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