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An Iridescent Mind with Paakhi Bhatnagar

As a teenager, as a human being, I have gone through cycles of emotional patches that stick out roughly whenever I look back at my life. And as a writer, as a poet, I cannot help but coin these moments into poems that speak about what it’s like to live. I grew up in a quintessential household where I had space to run and grow, but I still found myself stuck in the congested element of my own mind. When I dealt with mental issues (and as I still do), I wrote them down into wistful prose, which slowly turned into poetry. My poems are not just about mental health, but how it’s like to feel every fiber in your brain tell you something that you don’t want to hear. It’s about that sad journey to the building of the fence around your drowning mind that no one talks about. It’s about crying and smiling. It about realizing that it’s human to shake and that it’s okay to want to disappear just as long as you can hold on to something solid – something poetic.

About the Author: Paakhi Bhatnagar is a student from India and an avid reader of historical fiction. She is a passionate feminist and blogs about current politics and feminist issues. She also possess the uncanny ability of turning everything into a debate.

Paakhi's Latest Articles

Of Waves of Reminiscence

I swear I heard the sun burn something alive under the ocean. I heard a scream just as I lit the matches to a wooden coffin with no body...

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The Nuances in Time

Suddenly. I am intelligently intoxicated. Rushing. This hollow city has over-crowded. Enigma. I stay blind, but my eyes open. Serendipity....

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Cat in the Cold

Crib about jetlag. Binge eat on a flight serving oily fries. Hang on trees bungee jump and throw up on your car seat. Kill time and watch...

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Presence in Absence

You are an omnipresent cold embrace, that keeps me shivering through the empty nights. You are the dawn of day and the moon, that blinds me...

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I Am Eating

Empty and white; slowly stripping down to collarbones and shiny shoes that look nice with her thinning silver gown. Grown to adore those...

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Burnt Tongue

Burnt tongue big bubbles rising from his throat. Lean muscles sunk neck snug in-between white burnout bedsheets. Red eyes veins popping...

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I stand there, crazy. No space ships waiting or begging me to clean up dust. Stars away stare into me like fire, encroaching. Single files...

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Enormous Silence

Silence sails on an enormous ocean floor, crashing frothy waves like an invisible ember burning to keep you warm. Oblong rays inside a bell...

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Cradles Long Forgotten

Heavy minutes rhyming on her white wall, crying, flailing, slowly falling down like trickles of blood pooling around everybody’s eyes,...

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Last Winter Break

Last winter break she was broken and white, like salt on mahogany; spilled and unused. Around the corners of her mouth she sees fire slowly...

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Is it true that deluges fill a void in your heart that many drugs fail to numb? I have heard wolves crawl into my skin and wither their way...

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Post Antagonism

Women, as they say, are for decorations only. A vase in an empty room. She smiles because she has to, another etches into her eyes. She...

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Going Away

Elaina didn’t cry not until she was alone behind walls. Elaina didn’t cry not until she knew she was going away. Too much in a bottle...

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Weeping Boys and Girls

So raw, unfiltered through sun/moon/stars bathing and drinking in naked showers/swimming pools. Don’t cover up! Flaunt/hide your daisies;...

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In the Company of Myself

Oh, the joys of being an extrovert! Easily blending in with people, the daunting task of starting a conversation slipping eloquently out of...

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