Two Tall Women in NYC

Losing my identity was not in our plan. Mary and I came to the big city to celebrate finishing our books—my psychological thriller and her memoir of love and loss in Zimbabwe. Starving on San Diego’s thin cultural gruel, our reward was to be a week of feasting on New York’s finest art, theater, and […]

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Vestal Valentine

What love I’ve known I found on knees, by chance between iniquities. Fingers confined a backwards prayer, cutaneous chants without my underwear. Vestments, red wine a rosary, entwined lithe wrists you lead to liturgy, to genuflect before an altar, bare, a deity I wed in collar, chestnut hair. Services sworn in ballet veil, sanguine stilettos, flesh paraded, pale […]

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Please Pick Up Your Trash

A cigarette bowed from my lips, burnt on one side as I sucked, to even embers. The alley painted with ‘fuck you’ was where I went with my needle, baiting. Sat on a stained mattress to poke and stick a heart and arrow on pink skin exposed by the hole in my jeans that had […]

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blindfolded adrift on a wave of lust shameless consumption grows strong in my desert that turned to dust slinking past watchful eyes writhing under greedy grasps flowers bloom fragranced musk dust swirls blown away echoing my moans harder still not yet engulfed waterfalls drenching the dry earth of my inner woman unknown fingers play in […]



I do not know if I should cut my hair. It is very long. Some people call it obscenely long. It’s the color of wheat, and very often air dried so that it falls in irregular waves down to just above my thighs. When I brush it, the brush seems miniature and gets very heavy […]

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A Single Rose is Survival

Thorn-clad stem extends from outstretched hand peace offering, a symbol of old-time romance you don’t reach out to accept, continue staring at lucid dreamscape painted across one wall no way to tell if it’s a product of magic or real this mermaid staring back at you, holding your gaze you have fallen into her embrace […]

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glass ceiling

i’ve never been close to knowing how high the roof might be, before it could take my head off, until it will scalp me tomorrow evening shrunken heads go on and on laughing — can’t stop ‘em for Christ’s sake i’m obliterate here people! rolling through puke — wet linoleum, must i launder things get […]

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The Tapestry Of Our Lives

Art lives inside the silver fox gray of an unruly beard and disheveled hair reaching for the clouds Bringing them down in a floating fluff of white light onto the canvas Art breathes through the patient, observant eyes of an old cerulean soul Beauty lives inside the mysterious deep dive and painter’s brushstroke Ocean hues […]

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