Paz the Sister

Paz the sister
the walking sun – the blister
strong cracked wheat,
carol singing peasants with calloused feet.
Bring on faith without fortune
in the face of pollution
in a town hell bent on solution.
Be the gumption that doesn’t mind
the endless fines, the sordid sorrow,
empty pots of no tomorrow.
Pour cataclysms of melted gold into steel reserves with rusted bottoms,
if they never fill it will be to soon,
for one heart or for the moon.


Jules Muck

Jules Muck began doing graffiti in Europe and Great Britain twenty
years ago. She began bombing in New York in the late 90s, where she
was discovered on a Bronx rooftop by Sandra Fabara “Lady Pink,” who
she apprenticed with for five years.

Her work has shown at Tokyo Big Site, the Weisman Museum in
Minneapolis, Phantom Gallery in St. Louis, the Fuse Gallery in New
York, and the Bronx Museum of Art, where her green version of Gloria
Steinem is on display. She has been published in Ganz’s Graffiti Women,
Cey Adam’s Definitions and both of the Murrays books Burning New
York and Broken Windows, in X-CIA by Hank Oneal and now here on
our cover.

Jules Muck’s studio is located in Venice, CA where her murals are
prominently displayed, including the famed Gjelina restaurant, and
Main Street & Horizon Ave that garnered her press including a spotlight
on Access Hollywood and an article in Newsweek’s The Daily Beast who
profiled her mural of Lindsay Lohan, featuring her as a Pop Art style
mermaid with Muck’s famed green goddess face with neon yellow hair.
Muck received quite a bit of attention for this mural when a someone
painted a swastika over Lohan’s forehead.

Jules Muck, when asked why she painted her, stated, “She’s an
artist, and also someone who’s in recovery from drugs and alcohol. I
myself am five years sober, and so I identified with her on that….She’s
messed up a lot. I feel like Venice is the place for her. She doesn’t belong
in that glammy crowd. She belongs with us. Venice is so accepting, the
crowd is full of crazies and bizarre people.

Follow her on Instagram @MUCKROCK

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