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Very Specific Phobias

Very Specific Phobias

We used to talk, we used to have conversations big and Small. But really, they were never small. Never felt small. It’s not the same. Time was like cotton candy, sugar tendrils we could twist and Pull to our whims and…

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A. Martine

A. Martine is a trilingual writer, musician and artist of color who goes where the waves take her. She might have been a kraken in a past life. She's an Assistant Editor at *Reckoning Press* and a Managing Editor of *The Nasiona*. Her collection of poems, "AT SEA" was shortlisted for the 2019 Kingdoms in the Wild Poetry Prize. Some words found or forthcoming in: *Berfrois, The Rumpus, Bright Wall/Dark Room, Metaphorosis, South Broadway Ghost Society, RIC Journal, Lamplight, TERSE. Journal, Gone Lawn, Truancy Mag, Crack the Spine, Confessionalist Zine, Ghost City Review, Rogue Agent, Boston Accent Lit, Porridge Magazine, Camwood Lit*. Follow her @Maelllstrom/