I was dumber than shit when Big C started talking to me. Don’t know what I was thinking, guess I kinda liked the attention from the new guy at school. He’d just arrived that term and was busy hanging out with the guys hanging out at the basketball court, they’d sit around, skipping class and […]

About Liz McAdams

Liz McAdams is a short, sharp writer living in the wilds of Canada with her laptop and black cats. Although most often known for her dark fiction and fantasy, her writing embraces a human element as well. With a more than a few novels in various stages of doneness and work scattered around the globe (including over at Twisted Sister lit mag), Liz is hard to nail down, but you can connect with her through


The Film was About Sexual Abuse, and It Described Me …

I recently received a heartfelt letter from a woman who felt I had written her story and put it into a song; I was very touched by her warm thanks for the understanding she said she felt while listening to it. The song is called “Mama Cried.” It is about a runaway who left home […]

About Rachael Chatoor

Rachael has had the eye-opening privilege of living on four different continents over the years. Currently, she resides with her teenage son and daughter in her native city of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada where she is a full-time singer/performer/musician as well as artistic painter. She believes in the power of community and the importance of providing a strong, connected, family village for children (whether the parents marriage is intact or not, it should remain both civil, cooperative and caring). She laughs wholeheartedly, feels deeply, resonates fully and when she chooses to love, loves completely. She is a grateful student of life and considers herself an expert mistake-maker (though her years of experience and overcoming in this area have made her practically adept at squashing most of her fears and turning them into lemonade).

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