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Sent: Spewing Bullshit With Doublespeak

Sent: Spewing Bullshit With Doublespeak

So you could say I know for sure. There has definitely never been a time like this. I’ve been all over every form of physically and temporally remote communication you can think of – and #ManyUCant – almost literally forever, and I can tell you there has never, ever been something like this. People talking out of both sides of their faces. Yes, yesssss, that’s much isn’t new. But now we know. Now I can see it real-time a billion times per day.…

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Michael Fertik

Michael Fertik is a published fiction author, poet, produced film writer, and playwright. His poetry and short fiction have recently appeared in Minor Lits; december; Eclectica; Litro; Cease, Cows; etc.. His writing has won some fiction and film prizes and includes a New York Times Bestseller. He lives in Palo Alto, California.