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“Don’t stare at me like that!” I had cried out in a fury, but Duak kept her gaze locked on me. Looking at her blood red lips. Burdened, I repeated gently, “Don’t stare at me like that. They’re going to figure…

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Ozge Gozturk

I am a London based published author, multi-award winner scriptwriter, and journalist at KaosGL (An LGBTQ community magazine) I'm also judging New York Screenplay Awards and the founder of The London Independent Story Prize. Rebecca is one of my short stories. It's about a woman in pain. Many of my characters genders are liquid, they don't questions or struggle with it either. Rebecca is one of them. This is a scene I wrote while working on emotional architecture in my stories. It was inspired by a statue and a painting. I hope you'll enjoy reading.