I thought when you lost your job
you would need me more
but your weakness
divided us; your travels stopped
those visits ceased to exist.

I think too much
of how your body on mine
was a missing puzzle piece
you could not throw away.

One afternoon or one lifetime
what matters most
is the bullshit I ate
and spit it out
as poetry.

It is all fine now.
No grudges.
No criminals to arrest.
No long lost lies
about the necklace you never bought
or the book you never read.

Rumi comes once in a lifetime
you create the illusion
of being the great one
the only one
to claim to know my soul

Photo Credit: Tammy Beach Flickr via Compfight cc

Christina Strigas

Christina Strigas is a poet and author. She has self-published three poetry books and is a writer for MuseItUp Publishing. She is currently working on publishing a romantic novel. Her website is www.christinastrigas.com. All her books can be purchased at all on-line bookstores. She is a graduate of English Literature from Concordia University. She lives in Montreal, Quebec with her husband and two children.

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