to your questions
rapidly flow
out of my eyes.

The hardest ones
to shed
are the ones
that we shed

the most difficult
ones to wipe
are the ones
you wipe

I wipe
And try
to live
death seems easier.

fades from reality.
Time stops
reasons evade me.

Each sob
wants happiness
but the dream
remains as it is.

but eager eyes
for your presence
and soft touch.

has become
like breathing.

In agony
I wait
and wait
and wait…

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Sunayna Pal

Born in Mumbai, Sunayna Pal moved to the USA after marriage. She broke the chains of Education and the Corporate world to embark on her heart's pursuit. She started artwithsunayna.wordpress.com to teach and sell art for NGOs and became a certified handwriting analyst (sos4graphology.com) to help people understand themselves. In midst of all this and being a new mother, who loves gardening and photography, she also likes to write about her daily life experiences. She has been published in magazines and newspapers and many of her poems and stories are published in international anthologies. In her spare time, she also maintains a blog at mannkiwindow.wordpress.com. She is currently working on an anthology of 51 stories from people who originate from South Asia and are willing to share their personal experiences of the USA.

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