The Artist

You say you don’t know how you feel
How admirable your resolve
Ambiguity adds to your appeal
Infatuation without getting involved
Their pretty faces individually believe
Your heart belongs to only she
With smiles and flowers you deceive
Playing selfish games with insecurity
Without romancing me, you charmed me
In innocence, I believed in lies
Tender touching an illusion of intimacy
Just part of your fabricated disguise
Sensitivity rehearsed to perfection
Exposed feelings met with disregard
Oblivious you dish out rejection
Once- used, hearts you casually discard
A child’s eyes would see a prince
But a woman’s heart, while scarred, is smarter
Borrowed wealth building castles in the wind
Broken hearts are what you barter
But to false freedom you’re enslaved
In time, truth seeks to avenge a man
Separated from a love you’ve craved
Decaying walls built by your own hand
Insolence led you to be negligent
Her integrity threatens your charade
Overlooking her cunning was your detriment
Her wisdom, recompense for trust betrayed

Photo Credit: ckaroli via Compfight cc

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