People keep lies in their pockets like
bubble gum packs.
I tell a lie and my heart pounds, my nose grows
I need to get spanked.
I can lie like a jazz singer,
it’s the 1920’s, sliding in humid Chicago bars.
I am a little girl, wonderfully scared
of consequences.
Nothing can be wrapped up as perfectly
as bodies, naked on blue Sunday mornings,
no year and nothing to do,
but straddle our time.

Photo Credit: SurFeRGiRL30 Flickr via Compfight cc

Christina Strigas

Christina Strigas is a poet and author. She has self-published three poetry books and is a writer for MuseItUp Publishing. She is currently working on publishing a romantic novel. Her website is All her books can be purchased at all on-line bookstores. She is a graduate of English Literature from Concordia University. She lives in Montreal, Quebec with her husband and two children.

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