Tunnel of a Fat Woman

In my tunnel of a fat woman
I only hear songs
Do u really want to hurt me
Do u really want to make me cry
To be thin as a bird
No extra fat, one can fly
I would die 4u
Only if u want me 2
Farther than the road goes
Hot night kiss of payment
We goin ridin on the freeway
Of love —
I told them I fainted, but
I laid there eyes shut
Monitoring my breathing
As if I knew how someone
Unconscious would respirate
Come on, breathe, just
Can you imagine the need to pretend
So hard to be dead
In the fat cells of my body
All was wrong with me
That I wanted to die in the road
That I wanted to be hit in the head
Knocked out cold
I will be your father figure
Put your tiny hand in mine
Rather than see you snicker
At my body, choose to
Find me abhorrent
One more awful hell
Of a time.

“Skin and bones”by freestocks.org is licensed under CC CC0 1.0

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