Without You By My Side

I look for you in the hidden dustiest corners of a colorless life.
And when I don’t find you there,
I die a little more;
one breath, one heartbeat at a time…

I make my way through life
like a blind man seeking his way through darkness.
Crashing into things,
getting bruised by falling onto glass-sprinkled ground,
hands bloodied by getting scraped,
body aching from the struggle…

Without you by my side,
life is nothing more than a deep, dark, drowning dungeon of despair.

Without you by my side,
life is a horrifying nightmare
from which I can never make myself escape.

Without you by my side,
I am a soul-less body seeking its host,
not knowing where to look.

Without you by my side,
I am a lost creature mourning the loss of its true mate.

Without you by my side,
I am a tormented wolf howling deep into the night,
calling out for his unrequited love to the moon.

Without you by my side,
I cease to exist and slowly fade into nothingness.

Without you by my side,
my mornings don’t shine and the nights never end.

Photo Credit: Fresian2006 Flickr via Compfight cc

  1. I absolutely LOVE this poem. When I was reading it, it gave me goosebumps.
    Sad but true, it’s just what it feels like when I’m away from my husband too long.
    Maybe not quite that dramatic, but in the same vein.
    Love it! Thank you for sharing it with us at FC. <3

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