100 Years from Yesterday

Imagine what today’s world would be like
If the Suffragettes had been three million strong?
100 years from yesterday

Fewer men empowered
More women in power
Fewer fears

Class, origin, race,
and gender fraternity
Academic and
work equality

Personal liberty
Mental sanity
Global serenity

The day after Trump’s inauguration
Three million women marched in protest
Across the land

In every city
In rural towns
In unity

Thanks to 3 million 21st Century Suffragettes
Yesterday’s historical moment is what the future can be

They will stay strong
No fear
No doubt
And they will fight on

For Equality
For Liberty
For Sanity
For Serenity

For Humanity

For our Daughters and for our Sons

100 years from yesterday

Photo: © Stephanie Ortez All Rights Reserved


  1. “For our daughters and for our sons”

    Exactly this. It’s not just for the women; it’s for the men too. It’s for the betterment of society as a whole.

    It’s such an honor to be part of a new generation of suffragettes

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