12 Signs He’s The One

OK, you’ve been dating him for awhile, things are going great, and you’ve even caught yourself imagining how your kids might look.

What are you waiting for?

Pledging the rest of your life to one person is a big deal, right? So how can you be sure they are the one?

The truth? You never really 100 percent know. Here at Lovestruck.com, an online dating service, we say don’t procrastinate. Nobody is perfect, and you could miss out on a plethora of guys that were perfect for you because you were waiting for the perfect partner that simply doesn’t exist.

Bypass your heart and go with your gut instinct. You know, the warm sure feeling you get in your tummy along with that little voice in your head that tends to be right most of the time.

Here are 12 signs to know he’s the one:

1. He doesn’t try to change you.

You can hang out make-up free in your tracksuit bottoms eating tubs of ice cream on the sofa. He finds this endearing rather than a turn-off.

2. He is your number one fan.

He brags about you to friends and encourages you all the way with your work, dreams and ambitions.

3. He pays attention.

He pays attention to how you like your bath, your favourite food, music or movies because it’s important to him that he gets these things right.

4. Your friends and family are important to him.

He makes an effort to get on with all of your friends and family because they are important to you too. Simple.

5. You can talk to him.

You can talk to him about anything no matter how big or small. He loves listening to what you have to say.

6. He makes sacrifices.

From cutting down on a gym, pub or smoking habit, tweaking his lifestyle to accommodate you in his life shows he’s committed to the relationship. Although, we always say a little independence is healthy in a relationship.

7. He reads you like a book.

He knows that when you say “I am fine,” you are not.

8. He makes you laugh.

Life can get pretty serious sometimes, so someone who can lighten up a bad situation or spontaneously make you giggle is a great partner to have around.

9. He listens.

He really listens. From work matters to life, friends and family, he wants to take it on board so he can help out if and when he’s needed.

10. He misses you.

He might text or call you a bit too often, but it only shows you’re on his mind, and he misses hearing from you.

11. He makes you feel good. 

You feel 100 percent comfortable and safe around him, and you know everything is going to be alright when you’re with him.

12. He talks about the future.

He mentions our kids or when we’re old in his sentences. Talking about the future proves he’s 100% committed to you.

If your man boasts one of more of these 12 signs it shows he thinks enough of you to place your feelings above his own. He’s selfless, and that goes a long way if you’re seeking a happy, fulfilling relationship that will stand the test of time.

He’s the one.


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