3 Things to Remember About 9/11 and America

The anniversary of the vicious attacks that happened September 11, 2001, is upon us.

Thirteen years ago, marks a time in history that no one will ever forget. To honor the memory of those that have fallen, I started out writing a terrorism-related post about the attacks that happened on that day. Then it dawned on me that I would prefer to write something uplifting and positive, even though we are facing an increase in terrorist threats, a topic that I write about a lot. This time, instead, I would like to take a moment and celebrate what makes our country—I mean YOU—so freaking great.

  1. Americans are very good at banding together to protect what we love. Think of the passengers of United flight 93. It didn’t matter what color, age, or ethnicity they were; they came together to take on the biggest threat of their lives. And, they succeeded in stopping the threat that could have killed hundreds of other innocents, though it meant losing their lives. They remind us of courage.
  2. Americans are very giving individuals, even when we don’t have much to give. Think of the men and women that helped each other climb down the steps of the Twin Towers and the other threatened buildings. These people took the journey more slowly to help friends, colleagues, and strangers make it down, one small step at a time. Some made it, and some did not. But they all remind us of honor.
  3. Americans are fiercely independent, while also being some of the most amazing team players in the world. Think of the men and women of our military, police, firefighters, FBI agents, CIA officers, government officials and hundreds of unnamed groups who rose to the challenge and kept moving. They kept serving despite overwhelming exhaustion to recover, protect, and support their fellow citizens. They remind us of dedication.

No matter whether you were in the line of fire or praying from the sidelines, we were—and still are—equal. This is the Feminine Collective’s homage to you Americans. We have a lot of problems to overcome, but we are still a great country. And we know that you would still give again if needed, no matter what the sacrifice. Thank you for that.

We will never forget 9/11

God bless our great country, America.

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