“a plea”

maybe you will want to love another
more than you could love me.
so i ask of you,
please do not let her name be written at the end of your list.
don’t let her fall to the back burner,
or at the very least, let her sit on the stove.
do not address her as your love and then
stoop to break her heart in the moment of anger.
be patient with her,
be gentle.
please, please do not break her.
it is hard to give yourself to another person,
but there are times when it becomes impossible.
do not force her to her end with you.
do not mock her when she cries.
be truthful with her when it is not easy.
if she knows you the way i did, she will already know.
be open to grow and to change
please do not let her sleep alone more often than not,
and do not let her feel like your keeper.
she is your partner.
don’t let her fall out of love with your sense of humour,
and don’t let her forget your sweetness.
love her.
don’t take advantage of the thought she may not have the strength to leave you.
please just love her.
do not fill her heart with resentment,
and do not cover up the bad with a bow and call it a present.
let her love be more important to you than the gamble between her
and the thing that is killing you.
love her
or leave her alone.


Photo Credit: Magdalena Roeseler Flickr via Compfight cc

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