Emotions methylated,
Her dreams syncopated.
Quietened by the slumber,
A virgin flame burns.

And then at once she understood…
Through the veil of denial she had betrayed herself.
Beyond the reaches of her sanity,
Drowned out the girl she once knew.

Awakened from the melancholy madness,
A constant whisper delivers solace
Violating her cells with Mercy.
There is no room in her soul for the Servitude after all.

The longing washed away.
This slightly creature shed her skin,
Enchanted no more by the Mistress.

She crawled her way back to the surface.
Shimmering speckles disturb a ghostly haze.
Enraptured by Spring’s morning song,
She breathed in the savageness of the dew.

Such delicate beauty in the fractures.
Releasing from within her
The last dying breath of old… Primal Screams.

Simple silver, sharper than the prick!
Tattooed her naked flesh.
Lessons learned carved deep into her canvas,
Necessary truths.

A distant cry in the wind wails familiar echoes.
Once haunted by these stray howls,
Now a soothing lullaby.
And so the Beast was laid to rest.

Buried along with the torment of It,
The memory of what never was and will never be.
And in this moment,
This unprepared immediate moment…

She was free.


Clementine Heath

Clementine Heath is an actress of stage and screen and a creative developer/writer for film and TV. She was born in Sydney, Australia, and relocated to Los Angeles 7 years ago. She has been writing poetry and short stories since she was a young teenager and had some of her poems published anonymously. Clementine is currently developing several series for digital and cable networks, along with her feature film projects. 'Mistress Desire and the Lonely Flame' is Clementine's first adult poetry series - a collection of short poems to be released sequentially, exclusively for Feminine Collective.

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