And I Love Her

a brave new year dawns
amidst a clown led
misogynistic circus
and there are words
that need to be spoken
so let me not mumble
or remain silent
in the presence of my enemies
let me vociferously speak
philogynist I am
ready to stand beside her
in my white male
American skin
just like yours
I will resist
your every syllable
with my firebombing truths
that will eviscerate your lies
fuck you and your anger
you will meet the resistance
face to face haters
and I will not let you
take her rights away
because she is not
your victim
she is a survivor
and I love her

Photo Credit: Hernan Piñera Flickr via Compfight cc

  1. …and I love THIS. Fabulous John M. Nice to read that gut anger again. It actually motivates me! Your poetry is always so original and worthy of reading once and then again to savor the nuances and cadences. xoD.

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