Articles by Amy Ferrari

I am a proud mother of 2 children. One is a College Freshman; the other is a high school sophomore. My fiance Jeff has rounded out my corners and always can put a smile on my face and in my heart. I am a reformed dance-mom and swim-mom thanks to my daughter. (I can’t believe I will miss those days!) Currently, I am a hockey-mom, cross country-mom, and tennis mom thanks to my son. (I love a good Cowbell!!!) I am a Physical Therapist, and I am proud to say that I recently finished my doctorate in Physical Therapy. I feel blessed to work with the students at my local school district, ranging in age and grade level, they all have developmental challenges. I love it! Working in a profession that is both challenging and rewarding has kept me on my toes and eager for more. I have done so many different things and helped many different people along the way! I am an avid gardener, handy girl, family gal and holiday hostess! Hosting holiday get-togethers seems to be my niche. I love to travel, hike and cruise the sea shore. On my bucket list: I would like to get into teaching college-level courses in Physical Therapy. I would also like to clean my basement and garage. But not today.