5 Things to Consider Before You Hit SEND

We have all been there … been so pissed that you see red. So mad that you are going to tell that S-O-B what you really think so you blurt it all out there to youareajerk@ihateyou.com Today I was the recipient of just that sort of email (or text) that never, ever, I repeat NEVER should […]

About Amy Ferrari

I am a proud mother of 2 children. One is a College Freshman; the other is a high school sophomore. My fiance Jeff has rounded out my corners and always can put a smile on my face and in my heart. I am a reformed dance-mom and swim-mom thanks to my daughter. (I can’t believe I will miss those days!) Currently, I am a hockey-mom, cross country-mom, and tennis mom thanks to my son. (I love a good Cowbell!!!) I am a Physical Therapist, and I am proud to say that I recently finished my doctorate in Physical Therapy. I feel blessed to work with the students at my local school district, ranging in age and grade level, they all have developmental challenges. I love it! Working in a profession that is both challenging and rewarding has kept me on my toes and eager for more. I have done so many different things and helped many different people along the way! I am an avid gardener, handy girl, family gal and holiday hostess! Hosting holiday get-togethers seems to be my niche. I love to travel, hike and cruise the sea shore. On my bucket list: I would like to get into teaching college-level courses in Physical Therapy. I would also like to clean my basement and garage. But not today.

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Dealing with Rude People

If you wonder what makes me an expert on dealing with rude people, I just want to point out that I am writing from a room with a magnificent view of the Eiffel tower.  If that little nugget of subtlety is lost on you, then je ne sais quoi. That being said, there are discourteous […]

About Nathalie Findlay

After completing a degree in Fine Arts and another in Interior Architecture, Nathalie began modelling in New York, Hamburg, Munich and Paris where she eventually decided to base herself. Always on the lookout for opportunities to grow, she combined her modelling career with other areas of interest, working for the Canadian Embassy, Christian Liaigre, A Small World and Sotheby's. She has also enjoyed appearing regularly as a presenter and speaker for television and media events and as a pit-lane reporter on Eurosport. Exposed both personally and professionally to the intricacies of etiquette and protocol, Nathalie now focuses on applying her extensive knowledge-base practically, addressing matters of refinement, image and manners for individual and corporate clients with Lifestyling, a consultancy she created in 2007. Nathalie lives in the French countryside with her husband, their baby and two Korthals.

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