The Real Amelia Earhart

When Amelia Earhart disappeared near Howland Island in 1937, she had no way of knowing that her legacy would be her disappearance and not her life. We have celebrated the wrong Earhart, a woman who disappeared at sea when we should have been celebrating who she truly was: a woman who, in spite of the […]

About Erin Davis

After flying her uncle’s Cessna 172 as a little girl Erin Davis realized she had no other choice but to walk around Everett, Washington staring in the sky watching airplanes until she was older and could become a pilot. Thankfully, after years of successfully avoiding peril while walking in such manner, the 20-year-old young woman now studies in the Aviation Sciences program at Utah Valley University in Orem, Utah. She uses her private pilot license to artfully dodge marriage proposals and to plan on becoming the youngest female to circumnavigate the globe. Erin Davis, Aviator can be found on her website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. If you would like to contribute to her historic flight around the world you can do so at her CrowdRise.

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