Born Again: One Woman’s Journey Out of Religion

“No thank you, we’re atheists,” I respond with a smile to yet another invitation to church. It happens a lot here in southeastern Missouri. I wasn’t always an atheist. For many years I was what you might call a hyper-fundamentalist, but I wasn’t always that, either. My parents did the church thing for a couple […]

About Kaleesha Williams

Kaleesha Williams accomplishes her musing, writing, and goat-wrangling in rural southeastern Missouri—that is, when she has time between homeschooling and adoring her seven children, gardening, making goat milk soap, planning projects with Denny, and trying to get her sourdough English muffins to cook up properly. Her family moved to Missouri in 1990 when her parents realized that the answer to the riddle, “What’s green and goes backward?” was their current state and the state of her birth, Vermont. Now that she’s out of her religious bubble and in her right mind (eh, questionable), Kaleesha is considering that Vermont is actually one of the few states thinking and acting progressively. Regardless, she anticipates calling Fredericktown, Missouri home for a good long while. Though Kaleesha is a homeschool dropout, since high school she has worked as a teacher, nurse, accountant, CEO, mechanic, plumber, electrician, carpenter, landscaper, gardener, photographer, veterinarian, goat breeder, counselor, dietician, chef, baker, dishwasher, laundress, seamstress, event coordinator, chauffeur, diplomat, painter, decorator, fitness coach, masseuse, astronomer, and nanny, all within her own home and among her family, often performing many of these roles in the course of a single day. For peanuts. And brownies. And foot rubs. And she loves it. The first bits of writing Kaleesha had published were some poems as a teenager. Most recently she has published articles in the Countryside And Small Stock Journal and the Astronomical League’s Reflector magazine.

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