When Psychological Manipulation is a Good Thing

“I can’t get in,” the student came back to me and said. The convention center in Los Angeles refused to let him into an invite only event. The other students joined him in their plea to me. They wanted to skip this task, as it was “impossible to gain entry by talking their way in.” […]

About Kelly Alwood

Kelly Alwood has been a student of psychology and human behavior throughout his 20-year career, working undercover for the government throughout the world. He has lived among the locals in austere, permissive, and hostile environments as part of his job. From Los Angeles to Nairobi to Baghdad, he has used his power of influence to gain the acceptance and trust of people, in every region of the world. His skills and training have aided him while interviewing suspects for law enforcement, interrogating military prisoners, and developing “assets” the world over. Currently, Kelly spends half his time on operations and the other half training government personnel on low profile operational skills.

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