Things I Wish I’d Known

As a little girl raised in a liberal Jewish household, I never knew that, for most people, only men could be Rabbis. Likewise, I had no idea that in most households, the women were those taking care of most cleaning, cooking, and childcare. I certainly didn’t know that most moms didn’t stay at the office […]

About Mikhal Weiner

Mikhal Weiner is an Israeli-born alternative indie artist living and creating in Brooklyn, NY. She studied composition and songwriting at Rimon College in Tel Aviv, completing her degree at Berklee College of Music in 2014 with honors. Her works, whether text or music, are deeply influenced by her experiences as a middle-eastern gay woman and her love of poetry and all genres of music. Her published essays include 'What the World Needs Now', and 'Changing our Stripes: Why Women Artists may be Like Saber-Tooth Tigers'. She recently released her debut LP, Daughter of the Sea, in May 2017, and is currently co-producing events for Salomé ArtHaus, a community centered art-sharing venue in Brooklyn, as well as performing with her band around the East Coast.

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